Salerno: the expectation is growing for the inauguration of the Christmas tree

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5 December 2019

25 March 2020

The countdown begins for the inauguration of one of the most representative symbols of the “Luci d´Artista event“.

Saturday 07 December 2019 at 05.00 p.m. Portanova Place, located at the beginning of the historic center of Salerno, will see the lighting of the traditional Christmas tree; 26 meters high and dressed in hundreds of bows, ribbons and light installations, this inevitable symbol of Christmas and of the event will be visible on the main path of the the “Luci d´Artista event”, guaranteeing an unprecedented eye-catcher.

There are numerous shows that take place throughout the period in this magical location.

The staff of the Hotel Bruman Salerno is at your complete disposal to better illustrate the details of the event and all the other activities that you can do with truly unmissable offers!

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