Amalfi Coast and Capri: a dream with open eyes to live even in autumn

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25 March 2020

11 September 2019

Summer gives the last days of sun, as it gives way to autumn, the milder climate and the typical bright colors of this season allow you to rediscover some of the most popular tourist destinations of Campania, the Amalfi Coast and Capri.

About the sea transfers, Salerno is an ideal strategic point to reach “The most glamorous island of the Mediterranean” and the “Divine Coast” in a convenient and fast way.

From the “Manfredi pier”, located inside the commercial port of the city, hydrofoils leave for Capri in just 90 minutes.

From the tourist port “Masuccio Salernitano”, located behind Concordia Place, sea transfers are active for many towns on the Amalfi Coast.

Whether it’s a single day, a weekend or a long vacation, choose to live a unique experience in some of these enchanted places that the whole world envies us.

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