Paestum: a natural and historical stage of unparalleled beauty

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25 March 2020

27 September 2019

Located about 40 km from Salerno, easily reachable by car or train, Paestum is an essential stop for those who want to discover the beauty of Cilento, immersing themselves in a unique atmosphere where past and present come to life thanks to a perfect combination of art, history and nature.

Paestum and its temples are today UNESCO heritage sites and represent the best preserved archaeological site today.

Within the walls, the Temples of Hera, Athena and Neptune, the agora, the amphitheater, 28 towers and many other ancient houses rise up. Also not to be missed is the National Archaeological Museum, rich in artefacts that allow you to admire the way of life in antiquity.

There are many noteworthy events that take place during the year.

Visiting Paestum means experiencing a special experience in which culture and fun are the main ingredients of a perfect recipe.

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