Saint Matthew, the celebration of the Salerno essence between folklore and religion

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25 March 2020

8 September 2019

“Salerno is mine, I defend it”.

The spirit of an entire community is contained in a day, September 21st, an anniversary in which Salerno rivals the commemoration of the Patron Saint Matthew immersing himself in a myriad of religious ceremonies and popular events.

Undisputed protagonists are the statue of Saint Matthew and the martyrs of Salerno who in the afternoon, during the traditional procession, parade along the historic streets of the city in a blaze of flowers, choirs and music giving moments of sincere emotion and total involvement.

There is no lack of moments of pure folklore; when the saints return, the cathedral becomes an open-air theater of a real “competition” among the porters who, between drum rolls and applause, run down the stairs with the statue on their shoulders; every saint greets the city and retires to the cathedral in an atmosphere of joy and faith.

For lovers of typical products, do not miss the symbolic dish of the event, the  “padded spleen”, an ancient dish that in Salerno is handed down from generation to generation as a treasure to keep.

The streets of the center come alive with performances and concerts that entertain audiences of all ages.

A At midnight, everyone’s gaze is turned towards the sea; the promenade turns into the perfect location where to admire the suggestive fireworks show; an explosion of shapes and colors illuminating the night and beautifully closed every year this event that is experienced by all as a unique and special day.

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